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Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Refining Politics: Oil Development, Environmental Activism, and Political Improvisation in Rural Malaysia

Wang's interdisciplinary research on oil politics, state formation, and ethnic relations in postcolonial, multicultural Malaysia seeks to advance our understanding of the ways in which technology and infrastructure have constituted and mediated political practices and associations in historically traumatized societies divided by enduring and/or emerging identity cleavages.

Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang, Department of Anthropology

Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang

Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang is a PhD candidate and dissertation writer in the department of anthropology at Stanford University. Wang holds a PhD minor in history and a graduate certificate in science, technology, and society. Informed by political anthropology, science and technology studies, and critical area studies of Southeast Asia, her dissertation research project investigates the novel political subjectivities and solidarities emerging from ongoing controversies and struggles surrounding a national oil development project, the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC), in rural Malaysia. Wang's research speaks to an interdisciplinary audience interested in postcolonial states and nationalisms, identity politics and social movements, critical development studies, the politics of oil and other energy infrastructure, and the material and spatial (re)production of “race” and “ethnicity.”

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