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Evan Rosenman

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Graduate Student Research Funding | 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Identifying Preventive Measures for Sexual Violence in Areas of Conflict

Political violence can beget sexual violence. Yet the literature offers little understanding of measures to protect women in times of political turmoil. Stanford scientists are running a randomized trial on the efficacy of empowerment training programs for rape prevention in Nairobi, Kenya. The randomized controlled trial was in the field before and after Kenya’s vacated presidential election, which led to a wave of violence. This yields a unique opportunity to understand the dynamics – and possible prevention – of rape in times of upheaval. Rosenman will conduct interviews and gather data in Kenya to answer this question.

Evan Rosenman, Department of Statistics

Evan Rosenman

Evan Rosenman is a PhD student in statistics at Stanford University. His primary research interests lie in causal inference, with a focus on combining data from disparate sources to make causal conclusions. Rosenman is also interested in applied problems, and seeks to deploy rigorous statistical methods in the politics and health domains. He works with Professor Mike Baiocchi and a team at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, using data to develop techniques to prevent gender-based violence. Prior to graduate school, Rosenman earned a BA in applied math from Harvard University and an MS in math and statistics from Georgetown University. He also worked as a product manager at Applied Predictive Technologies.

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