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Feyaad Allie

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Graduate Student Research Funding | 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Power, Exclusion, and Identity: The Politics of the Muslim Disadvantage in India

Innovations in Methods and Data
Gender and Equity
Government and Institutions

While existing work finds that for marginalized groups in democracies, gaining political representation can often lead to further progress for these group, for Indian Muslims winning political office in one election cycle lowers the likelihood of winning in the next cycle. This project studies the mechanisms that drive this puzzling pattern. Specifically, this work examines how the gains in power for Muslims can divide the community along sub-identities and unify the majority group along their religious identity. The findings shed light on why marginalized groups can remain divided on their approach to politics, even during an era of rising majoritarianism.

Feyaad Allie, Department of Political Science

feyaad allie

Feyaad Allie is PhD candidate in political science at Stanford University. Allie is also a 2017 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a Stanford E.D.G.E Doctoral Fellow. His research interests include minority representation, identity and religious politics, and intergroup-relations. Allie's dissertation project studies the causes and consequences of the Muslim disadvantage in India. His work combines administrative election data, original surveys, and interviews and participants observations conducted in the field to study why marginalized groups remain excluded from politics. Allie received his BA in government from Dartmouth College in 2016.

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