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Haemin Jee

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Graduate Student Research Funding  | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Effects of the Social Credit System on Political Attitudes in China

A general consensus within political science is that promoting the rule of law leads to economic growth and stability. Authoritarian regimes seek these benefits but significant political and legal reforms would undermine their rule. Instead, they create substitution institutions. This project explores the attitudinal effects of such institutions in the context of the social credit system (SCS) in China, which bestows 'social credit' scores to firms and individuals. Jee implements a survey to understand how this institution affects political attitudes and whether authoritarian governments can reap the benefits of regulation and compliance, even without deep political or legal reforms.

Haemin Jee, Department of Political Science

Haemin Jee

Haemin Jee is a PhD candidate with an interest in comparative politics and political methodology.

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