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Hugh Xiaolong Wu

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Graduate Student Research Funding | 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

The Value of Delegation in Hiring

For large chain businesses, local stores enjoy different discretion in hiring. Under what circumstances should chain businesses delegate greater hiring power to local stores? What are the impacts of delegation in hiring on the type, productivity, and turnover of the hires? In this project, Wu studies the above questions using personnel data of two large chain stores in China. Wu draws on theoretical, empirical, and survey methods, and conducts a hiring experiment in one firm, where full hiring autonomy is delegated to part of the stores.

Hugh Xiaolong Wu, Graduate School of Business

Hugh Xiaolong Wu

Hugh Wu is a PhD student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His major research interests are strategy and personnel economics. In particular, his dissertation uses field experiments within firms to study the value of delegation in hiring, the impacts of management practices on employee productivity, and the effects of social comparison on attrition.

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