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We want our research to have a profound and far-reaching impact on the world’s poor.

Collaboration among academics, policymakers, development organizations, and business leaders is key to making progress. When research insights reach the people who are shaping policy and practice in the developing world, great things can happen. And when the people who are working on the front lines share their experiences with us, it stimulates new research ideas that can make an even greater impact.

While the impact of our research is often hard to measure in a moment, we are constantly striving to turn insights into action, to make progress, to change lives.

These stories reveal how the King Center’s research is working to make an impact.

At the Stanford China Economic Forum, scholars and international business leaders discussed the innovation that comes from China and U.S. collaboration. They also addressed the risks of that relationship unraveling.
As economies become more digitally enabled, Stanford researchers seek to better connect and strengthen the millions of small retailers in an emerging market.
Stanford King Center faculty affiliate Lawrence Goulder is collaborating closely with researchers in China, who aim to implement a new emissions trading system meant to drastically reduce carbon dioxide.
Jennifer Pan, assistant professor of communication and Stanford King Center faculty affiliate, speaks about her career in academia and new, data-driven methods for tracking social media to identify nascent political movements happening offline.