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Jason Luo

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Graduate Student Research Funding  | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

AI, Big Data, and Economic Development: the Rise of Digital Governance in China?

Luo's PhD dissertation focuses on the impact of governmental use of big data and artificial intelligence on the Chinese political economy. Essentially, Luo studies how the government’s adoption of new information tools and technologies changes state-business relations and how that subsequently affects economic development. With the fast growth and comprehensive adoption of new technologies, contemporary China offers a uniquely important case both in theory and in practice to probe into the new political economy in authoritarian regimes. Luo's research is also likely to produce a number of policy implications related to the government’s role in information technology, business regulation, and economic development.

Jason Luo, Department of Political Science

Jason Luo

Jason Luo is a PhD candidate with an interest in comparative politics and political methodology.

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