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Jerome Nowak

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Utility of 3D printing for Disease Diagnostics: Low-Cost Electricity-Free Method for Automated Thin Smearing of Whole Blood


Economic value in LMIC healthcare services is often captured by outside companies whose solutions are unaffordable by the individuals stuck in a poverty trap. Malaria in rural communities is a prime example of such a trap. We propose to explore if 3D printing technology can be utilized to democratize access to medical devices at scale globally, while bringing economic value locally. We built Inkwell, an in-vitro diagnostics device for malaria microscopy, to serve as a model framework to explore this possibility. Our next step is a large on-site usability study.

Jerome Nowak, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jerome Nowak is a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering in the PrakashLab, who is applying his background in robotics and designing physical systems to tackle global health issues. He is interested in how we can use the intelligence of our hearts to positively shape technology’s impact on the human condition. Nowak received a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, a Masters and a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from CentraleSupélec, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Paris XI University. Nowak was a 2021 Stanford HAI Graduate Fellow, an Académie française Jean-Walter Zellidja Research Fellow, and a recipient of the Brown-CentraleSupélec Research Fellowship.

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