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Jiwon Kim

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Choosing Security Over Identity: Political Legacies of Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Beyond

There has been little research done on the political legacies of ethnic conflict despite its significance in rebuilding civilian trust for government and pursuing long-term peace. Kim’s research focuses on post-conflict Sri Lanka and the unresolved grievances of the Tamil minority group, hypothesizing that development doesn’t necessarily increase the political trust of minorities; rather, consistent interactions with state officials do. Kim employs data through qualitative interviews and surveys to come to her findings.

Jiwon Kim, Department of Political Science

Jiwon Kim

Jiwon is a PhD candidate in political science, studying political consequences of conflict. As an undergraduate at Yale, she studied the relationship between Myanmar’s democratization and conflict resolution. For her dissertation project at Stanford, she hopes to go back to Myanmar to study how conflict has affected people’s vote choices. She grew up in Seoul, Korea.

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