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Jiwon Kim

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Social Identification and Political Mobilization of Conflict-stricken Ethnic Minorities

After a violent ethnic conflict, how do the affected ethnic minorities align themselves socially and politically? In her dissertation, Kim argues that non-ethnic mobilization is not only possible, but also that national provision of governance and social services can promote national identification even after violent conflict. Using novel data and an original online survey, she examines the prevalence of cross-ethnic voting in Myanmar’s 2020 elections and asks what makes some ethnic minorities in the country more compromising towards national political actors. The last chapter of Kim's dissertation examines cross-national patterns in elections after ethnic conflicts.

Jiwon Kim, Department of Political Science

Jiwon Kim

Jiwon Kim is a PhD candidate in political science, studying political consequences of ethnic conflict. Since Kim's undergraduate studies, she has delved into the ethnic politics of Myanmar. From Facebook surveys to geospatial analysis, she has used novel methods to shed light into the understudied country’s complex politics. Kim's dissertation focuses on support for national political actors among conflict-affected ethnic minorities. Kim grew up in Seoul, Korea, and enjoys meeting people from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

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