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Joshua Kim

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Ronald I. McKinnon Memorial Fellowship for Graduate Students | 2016 - 2017 Academic Year

Food Labelling and (Mis)Information: Evidence from the Chilean Industry

This proposal studies how the introduction of a nation-wide regulatory label based on the nutritional content of food products affects equilibrium health outcomes of consumers in Chile. To do so, Kim uses data detailing both how the food industry changes the nutritional composition of their products, as well as data detailing which food products households choose to buy. He identifies the causal impacts of the regulation by leveraging the fact that some companies, such as national Chilean manufacturers, can change the ingredients and composition of their food products easier than other companies, such as multinational food corporations.

Joshua Kim, Department of Economics

Joshua Kim

Joshua Kim is a PhD student in economics at Stanford. Before coming to Stanford, Kim received his BS in economics and mathematics from the University of Washington. His primary research interests are public, behavioral, and development economics. His current work studies how the introduction of a national food labeling scheme impacted equilibrium health outcomes of consumers in Chile.

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