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Kyu Eun Lee

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Graduate Student Research Fellowship | 2017 - 2018 Academic Year

Using a Modeling Approach to Understand Age- and Time-Trend in Harmful Use of Alcohol and to Estimate Cost and Health Impact of Scaling Up Managements for Hepatitis C Virus Infection in China

In China, rapid economic and social development since its market reforms in 1978 has brought changes in health risk behaviors and adoption of innovative health technology. Lee’s dissertation focuses on identifying the trend and pattern in harmful drinking behavior and estimating health and cost impact of scaling up new treatment for hepatitis C virus infection in China. More specifically, the proposed studies offer the benefit of using a computer model to simulate change in underlying health states, to project future burden of disease, and to compare the outcomes of implementing various health interventions.

Kyu Eun Lee, School of Medicine

Kyu Eun Lee

Kyu Lee is a PhD student in health policy at the Department of Health Research and Policy concentrating in decision science. Her research focuses on forecasting trend in health risk behaviors and burden of related chronic diseases, and evaluating cost and health impact of innovative health technology in low-and middle-income countries. Lee’s current work addresses those questions in the context of harmful drinking and hepatitis C virus infection in China by using a computer model. Lee received her BS in life science from Pohang University of Science Technology, South Korea in 2012 and an MS degree in health services and research from the University of Minnesota in 2013. She also has worked as a research assistant at the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science before joining PhD program at Stanford.

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