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The Center on Global Poverty and Development appoints two Stanford scholars as faculty fellows

Please note that prior to May 2019, the Stanford King Center on Global Development was known as the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development.

Saumitra's and Pete's portraits
Sep 26 2018

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Saumitra Jha and Pete Klenow have been awarded faculty fellowships at the Center on Global Poverty and Development. Jha, an Associate Professor of Political Economy at the Graduate School of Business, is the Peiros Family Faculty Fellow, and Klenow, the Ralph Landau Professor in Economic Policy, is the Dong Wei Faculty Fellow. This is the inaugural year for both of these named fellowships.

Jha serves on the Center’s faculty steering committee. His research focuses on understanding the effectiveness of organizations and innovations that societies have developed to address the problems of violence and other political risks, and to seek new lessons for fostering peace and development. As the Peiros Family Faculty Fellow, he will lead a new start-up initiative on Conflict and Polarization, with an interdisciplinary group of Stanford faculty who are interested in solving the problems of violent conflict and political polarization by cultivating new ideas about the causes, effects, and prevention of violent conflicts around the world

Klenow also serves on the Center’s faculty steering committee and is The Gordon and Betty Moore Senior Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Klenow’s research focuses on understanding how trade affects job reallocation and innovation, including examining how much China’s trade has lifted its growth and spurred its own innovation. As the Dong Wei Faculty Fellow, he will be leading pioneering new work on firms, trade, and innovation, working with other Stanford faculty members to provide real-world insights from their path-breaking research.

“We are very grateful to Carole and Larry Peiros and to Michelle Chen for supporting our Center’s faculty by endowing these faculty fellowships,” said Grant Miller, the Center’s Director. “We are extremely happy to honor Professors Jha and Klenow for their outstanding work addressing key challenges in global development.”