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Odyssia Ng

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Graduate Student Research Funding | 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Do Men Make More, or Report Making More? Measuring Microenterprise Profits in India

It has been well documented that female entrepreneurs make less than their male counterparts, worldwide. However, most studies rely on self-reported measures of profits, which are liable to considerable measurement error. In our ongoing study of vegetable vendors in India, we find suggestive evidence that women under-report revenues and men over-report revenues. How much of the estimated gender profit gap is due to differential reporting by gender? We propose a short field experiment to shed light on this difference and test whether social norms and overconfidence could be driving the reporting gap.

Odyssia Ng, Department of Economics

Odyssia Ng

Odyssia Ng is a PhD candidate in economics at Stanford University. Her research fields are development economics and gender. More specifically, she is investigating the roots of the gender profit gap among micro-entrepreneurs in India. She loves field work, and has previously also worked in Kenya and Ghana. Ng holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from the University of St Andrews and a master’s degree in economics from Stanford University.

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