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Award Recipient Frequently Asked Questions

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Initial Award Acceptance

Q: What are my next steps after receiving an award? 

A: Within two weeks of receiving your award letter, please submit the following information via the Award Acceptance Form:

  • Your acceptance of this research funding award and its conditions.
  • A headshot photograph for the King Center website and any changes to your bio/research abstract.
  • Confirmation of your signed SU-18 Patent and Copyright Agreement.  You can sign these forms electronically via the footer's legal section on your Axess page. 

Funding Disbursement

Q: How do I request my award funding?

A: When you are ready to receive your funding, submit your request via the Funding Disbursement Request Form. You will need to attach a budget noting what the next tranche of funding will be used for as well as the timeline of expenditures and, if applicable, how the previous funds were spent. Please use the budget template for your funding request.

Please note that you must be registered in the quarter in which you receive funds and that you may only make one request for funds per quarter. 

Q: Do I submit a disbursement request before or after I incur expenses? 

A: You can submit your funding disbursement before you begin incurring expenses if you are ready to begin making plans for the work funded by this award. Using the budget template, please estimate your total expected expenses noting what the requested funds will be used for as well as the timeline of expenditures. Please note that you may only make one request for funding per quarter. 

Q: How long does it take to receive my funding?

A: After submitting a funding disbursement request, you can typically expect to receive your funds in approximately two to three weeks. 

Q: Where are my funds sent to?

A: Your funding will be transferred to your direct deposit account set up on Axess. You can check on the status of your funds on Axess. 

Q: Do I need to submit my receipts for reimbursement? 

A: No, we do not need your receipts; the stipend is in lieu of the King Center processing reimbursements or paying organizations directly. We ask that you request the  amount needed each quarter for your expected research expenses using the budget template

Q: I would like to begin my research, but I’m still awaiting my IRB approval. How can I proceed?

A: No funds will be disbursed until the awardee obtains travel and/or field research approval, if required under the university’s current research guidance

The King Center on Global Development has no jurisdiction over the IRB process and can not comment on the specifics of your approval or denial. If you have specific questions on the university’s IRB guidelines, please contact the Research Compliance Office directly. 

You may choose to use personal funding to book your travel in advance of IRB approval (using Stanford Travel channels), but your King Center research funding will not be processed until your IRB is approved and submitted to the King Center.  

Travel with Award Funds

Q: How should I book my flights and accommodations?

A: When booking flights, awardees are required to use Stanford Travel channels. Travel with an exemption to the booking requirement must use Stanford’s itinerary-forwarding service to provide the university with information on the location of Stanford travelers

Accommodations can be booked outside of the Stanford Travel program but must adhere to Stanford’s lodging policy and use the itinerary-forwarding service.

Q: I have never traveled to this field location or am unsure about accommodation options. Who can I contact to prepare for my trip? 

A: If you have questions or concerns about travel to be undertaken as part of the research funded by this award -- especially if you have not traveled for the university before and/or do not have much experience in your proposed travel location-- you must contact for guidance in addition to consulting with your faculty mentors. 

Changes to Research

Q: What happens if my research changes from the proposal I submitted?

A: We recognize that your research design may change from your initial application based on feedback from research partners, advisors, and peers, and evolving circumstances at your research site.

If this is the case, after you discuss the changes with your advisor and your advisor approves the new design, you are required to fill out the Research Revision Request form and receive approval from the King Center. Please note that this should be done before you submit a request for funds and that submitting a research revision request does not guarantee that it will be approved.

Extension Requests

Q: My project has been delayed. Can I request an extension? 

A: Funds are expected to be spent within 12 months of your initial award. If you need more time to complete your research, you may request a no-cost extension by submitting the Extension Request form

Please note that submitting a request for an extension does not guarantee it will be approved.

Final Reporting

Q: I’ve completed the work for which I received funding. What do I need to do to complete my award requirements? 

A: You are required to submit a short update on your research and a final budget within six months of disbursement of your final tranche of funds. Please submit the following information via the Final Report and Budget Submission Form:

  1. A short update on your research, key findings, and future plans.
  2. If possible, several digital photographs highlighting your research and/or travel which may be used on the King Center website and/or shared with donors. 
  3. A final budget detailing the use of the funds.


Q: Why were taxes withheld from my stipend payment? 

A: Stipends may be considered taxable for the recipient. The tax obligation varies according to the student's total income, dependency status, treaty status for international students, and individual circumstances. For assistance with tax withholding, tax treaty and tax form issues, submit a Support Request and visit this Student Services website page for more tax information. Student Financial Services, the Bechtel International Center, and Stanford’s Fingate provide additional information regarding tax considerations.


Q: I am encountering an error message when attempting to submit a form. What should I do?

A: If you find a form is not loading, not responding, or failing to display certain items, the cause may be related to your browser, browser version, or browser extensions or add-ons.

Verify that you are using the most up to date version of your browsers. If so, and you continue to encounter the same message, please try using another browser.

Last updated: September 27, 2022