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King Center Faculty Affiliates Available as Mentors for Postdoctoral Fellows in AY2024–25

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The following King Center Faculty Affiliates have agreed to mentor the center’s Postdoctoral Fellows in AY2024–25. Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows will be asked to choose one Faculty Affiliate from this list in their application as their proposed faculty mentor, should they be selected as a King Center Postdoctoral Fellow. There is no need for applicants to reach out to their proposed faculty mentor at this stage.

Jason Andrews, Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine, School of Medicine     
Topics of interest: developing novel methods for estimating infectious disease burden in resource-constrained environments, prevention of infectious diseases in marginalized populations, health of incarcerated populations, active participant-oriented research studies in Brazil, Paraguay, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, and India

Eran Bendavid, Primary Care & Population Health, School of Medicine           
Topics of interest: drivers of variation in child mortality, including armed conflict and climate-related factors, and using advanced spatial methods to identify where children are at an exceptional risk of dying, why some regions lag very far behind on improvements in child health, and where delivery of health interventions to such mortality hotspots can be done in relative safety

Jade Benjamin-Chung, Epidemiology & Population Health, School of Medicine        
Topics of interest: child growth, diarrheal disease/gastrointestinal infections, malaria, and climate and health

Eric Bettinger, Graduate School of Education      
Topics of interest: postsecondary training including both college and vocational opportunities in Latin America, the role of information in the college application process, the role of private and public schools, socioemotional learning, and a particular interest in education in Brazil and Colombia

Lisa Blaydes, Political Science      
Topics of interest: the political economy of natural resource wealth; migration and migrant working conditions in the Arab Gulf region; and women’s labor force participation in Arab societies

Katherine Casey, Political Economy, Graduate School of Business      
Topics of interest: the role of information in enhancing political accountability, selection into politics, foreign aid and economic development, decentralization and the provision of public goods

Gary Darmstadt, Pediatrics, School of Medicine      
Topics of interest: maternal and child health, approaches to improve skin barrier function in preterm infants to reduce risk for sepsis and mortality, use of probiotics in preterm infants to reduce sepsis and mortality, community-initiated Kangaroo Mother Care 

Giulio De Leo, Biology      
Topics of interest: parasitic disease of poverty in tropical and subtropical countries, the relationship between poverty and diseases, policies for agricultural expansion and intensification that may impact population health outcomes 

Karen Eggleston, Health Economics, Freeman Spogli Institute       
Topics of interest: health economics research for vulnerable populations in Asia, public and private roles in service delivery, productivity of medical spending; primary care, chronic disease control, and the economics of long-term care (e.g. diabetes, dementia, and digital health/AI/robotics)

Marcel Fafchamps, Economics, Freeman Spogli Institute      
Topics of interest: economic development, market institutions, and social networks

Philip Fisher, Graduate School of Education  
Topics of interest: Early childhood social, behavioral, and educational intervention development and evaluation; early childhood policy; early care and education workforce issues, including professional development and compensation; parenting in early childhood; community-based participatory research focused on early childhood

Pascal Geldsetzer, Primary Care and Population Health, School of Medicine       
Topics of interest: the effect of vaccines on dementia and age-related cognitive decline in different settings and populations, the use of machine learning in satellite imagery and other publicly accessible geotagged data sources to monitor health and health service coverage indicators, the relationship between sodium intake and health outcomes, including the potential of low-sodium salt for reducing cardiovascular disease events

James Holland Jones, Environmental Behavioral Sciences, Doerr School of Sustainability   
Topics of interest: human ecology/adaptability, social networks, and infectious disease; dynamic optimality models for livelihood decisions and narrative decision processes under radical uncertainty; building social behavior into epidemic models; how social processes can alter the selective forces on pathogens

Irene Lo, Management Science & Engineering     
Topics of interest: designing markets in developing economies, including for school choice and university admissions, voluntary carbon markets, and the first mile of global supply chains

David Lobell, Earth Systems Science, Doerr School of Sustainability    
Topics of interest: using novel data streams to study development and/or food security

Erin Mordecai, Biology   
Topics of interest: how global environmental change affects the transmission of infectious diseases, particularly the intersection between environmental degradation, poverty, and health and vector-borne diseases, data-driven modeling approaches

Melanie Morten, Economics      
Topics of interest: issues in development economics with a focus on spatial/migration

William Tarpeh, Chemical Engineering      
Topics of interest: sanitation technologies (e.g., wastewater and excreta treatment), circular economies for chemical manufacturing, and fertilizer access; primary research sites are in sub-Saharan Africa 

Alessandra Voena, Economics       
Topics of interest: gender, women’s rights, and the economics of the family in developing countries