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Our Impact

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Research insights generated by the King Center’s multidisciplinary community of Stanford scholars help to provide a better understanding of critical issues, as well as create scalable solutions and inform policies and implementation efforts.

Transformative innovations

 Read examples of how the King Center has contributed to building the evidence base on global poverty alleviation challenges and solutions, and learn more about promising innovations and new results in the fight against global poverty.

woman speaking with employees
Transformative innovations

Socialization training is a key factor in retaining first-time women workers

Faculty Affiliate Aruna Ranganathan shows that the retention of first time women workers in textile factories in India is higher if the women receive training in social aspects as well as work practices.

Learn about the implications for public policy and organizational practice

Impact at scale

Learn how our affiliates' work is having a broad impact in the world by informing policy, influencing decision makers, and jump-starting action.