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Pablo Seward Delaporte

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Dwelling in Vulnerability: The Politics of Migrant Life in Chile

Seward Delaporte's dissertation, "Dwelling in Vulnerability: The Politics of Migrant Life in Chile," focuses on tensions between lived experiences of vulnerability and normative constructions of livable space through the lens of self-built migrant settlements in Antofagasta, Chile. State officials seeking to gradually resettle migrants assume that “vulnerability” is addressed by “eradicating” spaces where vulnerable forms of life take place. Supported by the National Science Foundation and the Social Science Research Council, this project is based on interviews, participant observation, and collaborative mapping with migrant women as they negotiate resettlement, as well as archival research on the urban governance of vulnerability.

Pablo Seward Delaporte, Department of Anthropology

pabloe seward delaporte

Pablo Seward Delaporte is a critical medical and psychological anthropologist. His interests lie in migration; urban vulnerability; experience and phenomenology; violence, risk, and care; theories on space and place; feminism; and decoloniality in Chile and Latin America and the Americas more broadly. Seward Delaporte's focuses on how lived experiences of vulnerability are configured around forms of mobility, dwelling, and relationality in marginalized urban spaces. Prior to his doctoral work, he received a BA in anthropology and psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and directed an Indigenous-language community-based illustrated ethnographic film in Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile).

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