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Visiting Scholar | 2016–2018

Alain Schläpfer

Visiting Scholar
King Center on Global Development

Lecturer, Department of Political Science
Stanford University

I am a lecturer in political science and economics at Stanford University, and the director of the data science track in political science. I teach classes in causal inference, social data science, and the math camp for incoming grad students.

Before that, I was an adjunct lecturer at the department of economics of Santa Clara University, teaching courses in micro- and macroeconomics as well as time series analysis.

In my research, I focus on the evolution of cooperation among individuals and groups, with a particular emphasis on the role of reputational concerns. I also investigate the formation of preferences and of cultural norms, as well as their effects on behavior and long term outcomes. In older research, I study macroeconomic fluctuations and the economic effects of uncertainty. My research has been published in journals in economics, biology and political science, and makes use of formal modelling, causal identification and computer simulations. I received my PhD in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.