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Cauê de Castro Dobbin

Cauê de Castro Dobbin

Spring 2017 Graduate Student Research Funding Recipient
Academic Year for Fellowship Recipients: 
2016 - 2017


Caue Dobbin is a PhD student in economics at Stanford University. His main interests are development, labor and public economics, with a focus on education. He has a BA from the University of Brasilia and a MA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Graduate Student Research Funding project abstract

Returns to Tertiary Education: Evidence From an Unintended Experiment in Brazil

We investigate the labor market payoffs to higher education in Brazil by leveraging the unintended effects of a policy targeting fraud in a national high-stakes high school exit exam. To prevent cheating, students are assigned one of four different examination books. While the only difference across groups is the order in which the questions are presented, some students are penalized since they randomly get easier questions later in the test. We observe striking differences in scores across examination groups, and subsequent differences in the rates of entrance to higher education.