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Christopher LeBoa

Christopher's portrait

Christopher LeBoa

Summer Undergraduate Field Research Assistant
Stanford King Center on Global Development


Chris LeBoa is a junior at Stanford in the Disease Ecology Track of Human Biology. He is from Oakland, California. His work focuses on the intersection of environmental degradation and the spread of pathogens in a variety of ecosystems. He is currently working to improve the environmental detection of schistosomes (a type of blood fluke) in the Senegal River basin through through environmental DNA and satellite imagery. He is also a member of the SNAPP partnership, working on disease modeling of environmentally transmitted diseases. He was previously a researcher for ILM in Tahiti on a project to understand the different species that cause ciguatera seafood poisoning and with the Luby Lab/ International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Dhaka, Bangladesh to asses the health impacts of poor ventilation in Dhaka slums. He will be working with Professor Giulio De Leo as a summer research field assistant on the project Socio-environmental Determinants of Schistosomiasis in Senegal.