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Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology

Dan Andrei Iancu

Faculty Affiliate
King Center on Global Development

Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology
Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI)

Dan Iancu is an Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Technology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. A native of Romania, Professor Iancu holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Yale University, an SM in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University, and a PhD in Operations Research from MIT. Prior to joining Stanford, he spent one year as a Goldstine Fellow in the Risk Analytics Group at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. 

Professor Iancu's research interests are in responsible analytics and AI and data-driven optimization and their applications in global supply chain management and healthcare. His work is aimed both at improving existing methodological tools (e.g., by making them more robust, fair or transparent) and at applying these to design more effective, more equitable, and more sustainable solutions for complex problems. Several of his recent research projects have focused on food systems and agricultural value chains, with the goal of designing improved procurement and financing solutions mindful of the immediate and long-term impact on the lives of millions of people and the environment.