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Elisabeth van Lieshout

Elisabeth's portrait

Elisabeth van Lieshout

Graduate Student Funding Recipient
Stanford King Center on Global Development
BA , Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Oxford University
MSc, Global Politics, London School of Economics


Elisabeth van Lieshout is a PhD candidate in political science and an MA candidate in economics at Stanford University. Her research interests are the politics of international trade, the creation and effect of trade agreements, and public perceptions of trade policy. van Lieshout’s dissertation asks when and why developing countries choose to incorporate commitments on domestic policy into their trade treaties. van Lieshout has a BA in philosophy, politics, and economics from Oxford University and an MSc in global politics from the London School of Economics.

Project abstract:

Elisabeth van Lieshout’s dissertation project examines why developing countries have included commitments of domestic reforms into their recent trade agreements, when they previously vocally resisted pressures to bind their hands on stricter “behind-the-border” regulation. She argues that a fundamental transformation in economic production patterns has altered countries' development strategies and political interest group dynamics. With funding provided by the Stanford Center for Global Poverty and Development, she will be conducting a series of interviews in Malaysia to better understand the preferences and perceptions of policy makers, firms, and civil society.