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Professor of Biology

Giulio De Leo

Faculty Affiliate
King Center on Global Development

Professor of Biology
Department of Biology

Senior Fellow
Woods Institute for the Environment

Giulio De Leo is a theoretical ecologist and the scientific director of the Center for Disease Ecology, Health, and the Environment at Stanford. His research interests include the processes driving the dynamics of natural and harvested populations, as well as the application of this knowledge to practical management.

In recent years, Dr. De Leo has studied the resilience of natural and managed populations to anthropogenic stressors, environmental shocks, and climate change. He has been working on a number of theoretical and applied problems ranging from the conservation of the european eel, to the sustainable management of abalone fisheries, to the biocontrol of schistosomiasis in West Africa. He also works to build the Stanford Program for Disease Ecology Health with the ultimate goal of discovering novel ecological solutions to improve human and environmental wellbeing.

Environment and Climate Change