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Postdoctoral Fellow

Jeremy Bowels

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Economics

Postdoctoral Fellow at the King Center on Global Development (2021-23).

King Center Supported Research

Enhancing Zambia's Constituency Development Fund

Candidate Entry Into Local Government

Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) aim to improve the supply of local public goods---but can be undermined by electoral concerns, poor targeting, and capture. In the context of Zambia’s much-expanded CDF, we seek funding for a ward-level survey to understand (1) the capacity of local-level institutions responsible for soliciting and aggregating citizens’ demands for CDF investments; (2) experiences interacting with higher-level CDF decision-makers; (3) knowledge of government policy; (4) citizens’ assessments of local development priorities. The survey will be used to inform the design of interventions to be subsequently evaluated in a larger-scale field experiment.