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Mike Baiocchi

Mike's portrait

Mike Baiocchi

Faculty Affiliate
Stanford King Center on Global Development
Assistant Professor, Stanford Prevention Research Center
Stanford University School of Medicine


Mike Baiocchi specializes in creating simple, easy to understand methodologies for causal inference and observational studies. In graduate school he had the privilege of training with Dylan Small. He also worked closely with Paul Rosenbaum and Scott Lorch. He became a statistician to help analyze and improve health care.

Baiocchi is an assistant professor in the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford School of Medicine. Before this he was a Stein Fellow in the statistics department here at Stanford.
Before graduate school he worked as an actuarial associate at Towers Perrin. His specialty was health care, with a focus on disease management and care management. He comes from a family full of nurses and public health folks. He has been surrounded by people thinking, talking, and debating health care and its delivery since before he can remember.
He is proud to be actively adding to this conversation through his research.