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Professor of Biology

Shripad Tuljapurkar

Faculty Affiliate
King Center on Global Development

Professor of Biology
Department of Biology

Shripad “Tulja” Tuljapurkar is professor of biology and the Dean & Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University.

Tulja directs demographic programs at Stanford’s Center for the Demography, Economics and Health of Aging, and the Stanford Center for Population Research in the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. At Stanford, Tulja is an affiliated faculty member with the Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies, the Woods Institute for the Environment, and the Interdisciplinary Program on Environment and Resources. Tulja is also a member of the Center for the Demography and Economics of Aging at UC Berkeley. 

The Tuljapurkar Lab uses theory and data to ask and answer questions about populations. The Lab works on evolutionary ecology and genetics, human demographic change and contemporary societies, prehistory and human evolution, and the biodemography of lifespan.

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