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Gender in Times of Global Governance: Glocalizing International Norms Around Money and Power, Violence and Sex in Peru

Gender and Equity

Internationally defined gender rights are glocalized in Peru by both state and non-state actors, especially international non-governmental organizations and trade unions. Looking at four different dimensions of gender disparities shows that the more institutionalized a women’s issue is internationally, the more isomorphic it is nationally. The clear codification on the international level leads to the adoption of an identical provision on the national level without the modification of either the text or the spirit of the agreement. This is true for even very remote regions such as the Amazon Basin. Regional human rights instruments of the Organization of American States (OAS) play a pronounced role in implementing global norms nationally. This is particularly the case for more recent issues such as violence against women.

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Miriam Abu Sharkh
Publication Date
September, 2012