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Our research initiatives bring together communities of scholars working on sustained global development and poverty alleviation research agendas. Explore our current faculty-led initiatives and learn more about the Request for Proposals (RFP) and application process.

Man holding balloons walks on beach near U.S.-Mexico border

A large body of research has shown the substantial role that violent conflict plays in underdevelopment around the world, particularly in the most vulnerable communities.

Satellite above Earth

The Data for Development initiative explores low-cost, unconventional data streams and helps academics, policymakers, and business leaders craft solutions with real-world impacts on global poverty.

A middle-aged, South African woman stands behind the counter of her shop, writing on a notepad. Her store is well-stocked with convenience items such as soda cans.

The Firms and Global Productivity initiative seeks to understand the underlying forces that drive productivity and how those forces affect economic growth in developing countries.

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The Migration and Development initiative seeks to address the barriers to making migration a powerful catalyst for development in low-income countries.

The initiative identifies stakeholders in the acid battery recycling and leaded paint industries and aims to produce long-term, viable solutions to remove lead from the value chain or find ways to ensure it does not contaminate the environment.

Cars, buses, and small homes line the sides of a crowded African street.

SEDRI is a comprehensive research program focusing on sub-Saharan Africa’s urbanization and the long-run impacts of migration on household welfare and economic growth.