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Short-term visitors

The Stanford King Center on Global Development works to stimulate innovative new research on poverty alleviation and international development by Stanford faculty and students that fosters real-world impact. In order to accelerate the end of global poverty, the center strives to convene and support a multi-disciplinary community of scholars who perform path-breaking research, create transformative student experiences, and shape policy and practice.

The Stanford King Center is very pleased to support departmental Stanford seminar series through the Short-Term Academic Visitors Program.  The purpose of the program is to support extended visits for speakers at a Stanford seminar series on topics related to global poverty and development by offering academic visitors access to office space in the John A. and Cynthia Fry Gunn building, internet access, and opportunities to interact with the collegial research community at the center and Stanford.


This program is intended to provide supplemental funding to support extending stays of seminar speakers. It is our expectation that the host department’s seminar budget will cover economy class airfare, airport transfers, one seminar dinner, and one lunch with graduate students (or the host department norms for seminar visitors). 

The program will support reasonable hotel costs for a minimum stay of three business days and a maximum stay of one week (maximum $350/night, contact us for pre-approval for rates that exceed this amount). In exceptional cases, the program may support airfare costs of visitors, if these costs are approved in advance.

Expectations for visitors

Visitors supported by this program will be expected to sit in an office at the Stanford King Center on Global Development, excluding the day of their departmental seminar. Visitors will also be expected to make themselves available to meet with center faculty affiliates and students for one day of their visit, outside of their departmental seminar meeting schedule. 


Visitors must be nominated by a Stanford faculty member through the online form at least one month in advance: 

  • Seminar series name and department

  • Faculty host name and title

  • Administrative contact name and title

  • Visitor name, title, and institution

  • Proposed visit dates

  • Dates an office is requested at the center  

  • Budget for visitor, and allocation of costs between department and center

The center will respond to the faculty host and the department administrative contact with a decision on funding and office space availability within three business days.  


In order to streamline logistical arrangements for visitors, the host department will be the key contact point for visitors.

Host department roles/responsibilities:

  • work with faculty member who has invited the visitor to re-confirm visit dates 

  • request office space at the center 

  • obtain official invitation letter from center staff to send to visitor

  • provide information on the visitor to the center and notify the center about any changes (cancellations, rescheduling, etc.) in a timely manner

  • make hotel arrangements at the lowest available rate (obtain advance approval for any exceptions) and book flights through Stanford Travel

  • confirm with the visitor the date that they will be available to meet with center faculty affiliates and students and communicate to center staff a minimum of one week in advance   

  • handle the paperwork and process reimbursements to visitors through Oracle after the completion of the visit

Center roles/responsibilities

  • produce official invitation letter

  • confirm office space at the center 

  • circulate announcement of visitor to center faculty affiliates and students and set up meetings on agreed day at center

  • approve reimbursement to visitor


If you have any questions about the Short-Term Academic Visitors Program, please email Deputy Director Jessica Leino at

View current short-term visitors.