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Sebastián Otero

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Affirmative Action in Centralized College Admission Systems

Affirmative action is regarded as one of the most divisive regulations in higher education systems. Otero’s research focuses on studying the consequences of affirmative action in selective college education in the context of a centralized admission system. Using a Brazilian law that mandates all public universities to increase the number of AA seats as a case study, Otero hopes to determine whether or not affirmative action is overall efficient and equitable. Otero employs a research design that uses datasets derived from random models.

Sebastián Otero, Department of Economics

Sebastian Otero

Sebastián Otero is a PhD student in economics at Stanford University. His research interests include econometrics and public economics in developing countries. Before entering the PhD program, Otero worked as a research associate for J-PAL LAC, developing projects in Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Originally from Chile, Otero holds a BA and MA in economics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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