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Shreya Kankanhalli

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Graduate Student Research Funding| 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Going Cashless in Emerging Market Retail: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Guadalajara

Across developing economies, cash is the conduit for retail transactions. Policymakers seek to stimulate the usage of electronic payments amongst small, traditional retail firms. This study investigates what hinders the adoption of e-payment technology, like technological, information, or budgetary constraints. Kankanhalli randomizes 1200 small retailers in Mexico into four experimental groups: i) receives e-payment technology only; ii) receives e-payment technology and marketing materials; iii)  receives e-payment technology, marketing help, and transaction fee waivers; and iv) receives no intervention. She studies the impact of these  interventions on the usage of e-payments, e-payment adoption by neighboring retailers, and business performance.

Shreya Kankanhalli, Graduate School of Business

Shreya Kankanhalli

Shreya Kankanhalli is a PhD student in quantitative marketing. Prior to Stanford, she received her BA (honors) in economics from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics. Kankanhalli's dissertation focuses on approaches to retail modernization in emerging markets. In one study, she investigates barriers to retail technology adoption in the context of a two-sided electronic payment platform. In another study, she assesses the differential impact of external (customer-focused) modernization and internal (product-focused) modernization on sales performance. Kankanhalli uses field experiments, structural models, and machine learning methods in her research.

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