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Support Us

Inspired to contribute to this important effort?

The faculty and students at the King Center on Global Development work collaboratively and purposefully to produce policy-relevant research and engage thought leaders to create tangible impact. To continue this research, the King Center welcomes gifts to support our work and enhance our influence on governments, NGOs, and aid organizations worldwide. The knowledge of our staff, experience of our faculty, and drive of our students ensure that the research we generate is effectively put to use and that gifts from supporters are fittingly applied.

Your donation will enable the King Center to support more innovative research in poverty alleviation and the prospect of creating more effective evidence-based policies; ultimately creating healthier outcomes for people living in poverty. 

Contact Greg Gamble, director of development, at or (650) 724-0606, to sustain research that addresses critical issues such as health, safety, sanitation, and economic development around the globe. We proudly accept funding from individual donors, companies, and foundations.