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Tom (Hyeon Seok) Yu

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Measuring Bill Partisanship: A Deep Learning Approach

Conflict and Polarization Initiative Fellow | 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Government and Institutions

Have public laws enacted by the U.S. government become polarized? While the past decade has seen a plethora of research on the topic of political polarization among mass public and elected officials, not many directly investigate the consequence of such a divide at the policy level. This gap in the literature seems to arise from the difficulty of measuring a degree of partisanship based on large and complex bill contents (e.g., bill texts, authorship, and other contextual information). Our project aims to overcome this methodological challenge by applying various cutting-edge deep learning techniques employed in natural language processing.

Tom (Hyeon Seok) Yu, Graduate School of Business

tom (hyeon seok) yu

Hyeon Seok (Tom) Yu is a PhD student in the Political Economy program at Stanford GSB. His research interest includes formal and empirical analysis of political behavior. When not actively conducting research, one can find him flâneuring (i.e., walking around without destination) around the Stanford campus.

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