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Haemin Jee

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Regulation and Control without Rule of Law: The Social Credit System in China

The controversy surrounding China’s recent utilization of the social credit system has led to claims of the system being used as a tool of social control and invasion of privacy, an example of “tech-powered authoritarianism.” However, there is little empirical evidence to validate these claims. Jee’s research focuses on discovering the reality of the social credit system to prove that it is used as a substitute for weak rule of law, rather than a tool for pure social control. Jee employs numerous methods and data, such as the collection and analysis of qualitative work, government documents, and behavioral surveys.

Haemin Jee, Department of Political Science

Haemin Jee

Haemin Jee is a PhD candidate with an interest in comparative politics and political methodology.

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