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Fellowship Recipient Frequently Asked Questions

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Acceptance and First Funding Disbursement

Q: What are my next steps after receiving an award? 

A: Please submit the acceptance form and in the form select the quarter(s) during the academic year to which you would like the fellowship award to be applied.

Funding Parameters

Q: What does my fellowship cover? 

A: Your fellowship covers TGR tuition, a living stipend, and health insurance fees.

Q: How much is the fellowship amount?  

A: The amount is updated each year. For the 2022-23 academic year, the quarterly stipend amount is $12,054 and TGR tuition is $3,672.

Q: When will I receive my fellowship funds? 

A: Your stipend will be disbursed at the beginning of the quarter you selected. You can check the status on Axess. 

Eligible Quarters

Q: In which quarters can I use the fellowship? 

A: Award recipients are allowed to select from autumn, winter, and spring quarters. 

Final Reporting 

Q: What do I need to do to complete my award requirements? 

A: Within one year of the receipt of your award funds, you need to submit a brief update through the final report submission form on your research progress, as well as an update on future academic plans. This information  may be shared with donors. Your answers to these questions should be written in non-technical language, and should include:

  • The dissertation title and research topic.
  • A summary of the research.
  • The key research findings and contributions. 
  • The stage of the research, and next steps.
  • How the fellowship enhanced or supported the research.
  • Future academic and/or professional career plans and anything that may be of interest to our donor(s).
  • A section for photos and other uploads.


Q: “I am encountering an “error” message when attempting to submit a form. What should I do?!”

A: If you find a form is not loading, not responding, or failing to display certain items, the cause may be related to your browser, browser version, or browser extensions or add-ons.

Verify that you are using the most up to date version of your browsers. If so, and you continue to encounter the same message, please try using another browser.

Last updated: September 27, 2022