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Past Grantees of Global Development Research Funding

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Global Development Research Funding goes to support small projects or seed funding for Stanford faculty and postdoctoral scholars. Global Development Research Funding was previously known as Junior Faculty Research Funding.

2023 - 2024 Academic Year

Grant Miller, Department of Health Research & Policy 
SEWA Wage Loss Insurance Experiment: Evaluating the Sustainability and Scalability of an Insurance Product to Protect against Wage Loss 

Guilherme Lichand, Social Sciences, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Policy Studies in Education (SHIPS)
Validating and Piloting the Stanford Rapid Online Assessment of Reading in Brazil 

Jeremy Weinstein, Department of Political Science
What Drives Backlash Against Progressive Refugee Policies? Evidence from Kenya 

Andrea Pedroza Tobias, Department of Pediatrics
Corporate Political Activity and the Double Burden of Malnutrition in Nepal: An Analysis of Food Industry Strategies and Policy 

Ali Namayandeh, Department of Earth System Science
Identifying Health-threats of Toxic Metal-containing Particulate Matter from Coal-fired Brick Kilns in Bangladesh 

Abraar Karan, Department of Medicine 
Piloting the Feasibility of a Low-cost Rural Surveillance System for Zoonotic Diseases in Western Kenya 

Jelena Obradović, Developmental and Psychological Services (DAPS)
Global Study Validating Novel, Open-source Survey Tools for Parent and Teacher Report of Children's Executive Function Behaviors 

Arun Chandrasekhar, Department of Economics
Enhancing ASHAS’ Role in Improving Community Healthcare Outcomes in India 

Marc Jacob, Department of Political Science 
Public Goods Provision and the Rise of Evangelical Churches in Brazil

2022 - 2023 Academic Year

Gary Darmstadt, School of Medicine
Prediction of Maternal and Infant Outcomes in Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Kenya from Metabolomic Machine Learning Analyses

Brandon de la Cuesta, Department of Political Science
Rethinking the African Growth Narrative: Using Machine Learning to Study Development in Africa

Jens Hainmueller, Department of Political Science
The Impact of a Forecast-based Remittance Service on Anticipatory Action and Household Resilience to Natural Disasters

Melanie Hannebelle, Department of Bioengineering 
Modifying of the Hydrodynamics of Water Access Points to Lower Schistosomiasis Infection Rates

Amanda Kennard, Department of Political Science
Can Redistributive Policy Moderate Climate Induced Conflict?

Melanie Kiener, School of Medicine 
Estimating The Seroprevalence of Zika Virus in Coastal Kenya

Sridhar Narayanan, Graduate School of Business
General Equilibrium Effects of Small-Firm Development Interventions: Empirical Examination using a Marketing Analytics Field Ex

Pei Palmgren, Department of Sociology 
Investigating Infrastructures of Care Among Migrant Workers in the Myanmar-Thailand Migration Corridor

Jennifer Pan, Department of Communications
Digital Technology and Autocracy

Hannah Postel, Department of Economics
Assessing African Migration Aspirations

Catlan Reardon, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies 
Examining the Effect of Climate Shocks and Migratory Shifts on Violence in Nigeria 

Kian Shaker, Department of Radiology
Low-cost, Ultra-portable, & Open-source Chest X-ray

Signe Svallfors, Department of Sociology
The Impact of Local Violence on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Latin America

2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Jeremy Bowles, Department of Economics
Enhancing Zambia's Constituency Development Fund

Katherine Casey, Graduate School of Business
Candidate Entry Into Local Government

Arun Chandrasekhar, Department of Economics
Identifying Effective Strategies to Increase COVID Vaccine Takeup in India 

Yoshika Crider, Department of Economics
Exploratory Research for Passive Chlorination in Health Care Facilities in Kenya

Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Populism and the Failure of Anti-Corruption Reforms in Post-Democratized Latin America

Allison Grossman, Department of Political Science
Managing Humanitarian Emergencies: How Recipient Governments Constrain Humanitarian Aid

Yiqing Xu, Department of Political Science
Gaslighting: How The Chinese Government Shapes Public Opinion through Manipulating Comment Sections on Social Media