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Jiwon Kim

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Graduate Student Research Funding | 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Voting for Peace? How Conflict Shapes Vote Choice in Myanmar

How do voters affected by conflict vote? As a result, how are political cleavages and party systems reshaped by conflict? Motivated by the observation that post-conflict election outcomes are correlated with conflict outcomes across countries, this project explores how conflict itself could affect how people vote. The researcher theorizes that in the aftermath of conflict, voters have the incentive to vote for the political actor who seems promising to bring security and effective governance—hence, “voting for peace.” To test this, this project aims to look at Myanmar, by running a survey before the upcoming 2020 elections.

Jiwon Kim, Department of Political Science

Jiwon Lee

Jiwon is a PhD candidate in political science, studying political consequences of conflict. As an undergraduate at Yale, she studied the relationship between Myanmar’s democratization and conflict resolution. For her dissertation project at Stanford, she hopes to go back to Myanmar to study how conflict has affected people’s vote choices. She grew up in Seoul, Korea.

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