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Current Opportunities for the Academic Year Part-time Research Assistant Program

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Academic Year Part-time Research Assistant Positions

The applications and project descriptions are posted in Stanford On- and Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO) and are linked to the research project titles below. 

Students may apply to as many projects as they would like but must apply to each project separately since the faculty mentors manage their own selection processes. 

Students must be enrolled full-time in order to participate. 

Investigating Infrastructures of Care Among Migrant Workers in the Myanmar-Thailand Migration Corridor

This project examines infrastructures of care among migrant workers in Thailand. Care work, including such essential activities as childcare, cleaning, and aiding the sick and elderly, undergirds much of society in all contexts. In Thailand, migrant workers from neighboring countries often fill these roles without adequate support and social protections from origin and destination states. Through in-depth interviews, the project seeks to understand what governmental protections and grassroots coping mechanisms exist among migrant care workers in the Myanmar-Thailand migration corridor. It will provide a critical set of findings needed to develop and implement a long-term research agenda on the infrastructures of care and social reproduction among migrant workers in Southeast Asia and the global South.

Research Mentor: Dr. Pei Palmgren, Postdoctoral Fellow, Sociology Department