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Current Opportunities for the Academic Year Part-time Research Assistant Program

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Academic Year Part-time Research Assistant Positions

The applications and project descriptions are posted in Stanford On- and Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO) and are linked to the research project titles below. 

Students may apply to as many projects as they would like but must apply to each project separately since the faculty mentors manage their own selection processes. 

Students must be enrolled full-time in order to participate. 

Education Reform and Sustainable Development

The World Education Reform Database (WERD) has over 12,000 national education reforms from 189 countries, mostly between 1960-2019. Research assistants will contribute to research papers that address pressing global problems.

Mentor: Patricia Bromley

Productivity and Allocation of Healthcare Workers’ Across a Country’s Health Facilities

The research seeks to understand the productivity and allocative efficiency of 100,000 health workers across over 9,000 health facilities around Ghana. It also aims to improve the matching of health workers to health facilities, based on their respective preferences and needs.

Mentor: Binta Zahra Diop

Refugee Self-Reliance and Entrepreneurship Training

Conducting an RCT around training refugees in entrepreneurship and local embeddedness of their networks.

Mentor: Charles "Chuck" Eesley

Health and Education Providers in Low-income Asia in Comparative Perspective 

Develop your data analysis and data dashboard development skills while helping understand how the poor access health services and schools, especially in Asia. 

Mentor: Karen Eggleston 

Improving Field-appropriate Lead Detection Methods for Environmental Samples 

Lead, a potent neurotoxin, poses a serious threat to public health and human intellectual capital worldwide. This project aims to develop and improve upon field-appropriate rapid lead detection methods for environmental samples.

Mentor: Alandra Lopez

Tropical Peatland Carbon Dynamics

Meet peat, the unsung hero of soil carbon storage. In this project we analyze poorly known wetland soils from Colombia and other tropical countries for carbon and nutrient content to help understand and protect globally important carbon reservoirs.

Mentor: Scott Winton