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Tianmei Wang

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Graduate Student Fellowship | 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Unraveling and Predicting the Coupled Impacts of Climate Change and Soil Arsenic on Rice Yield and Grain Quality

Despite the role of rice as a staple crop for the majority of the world’s population, the presence of arsenic in rice acts as a threat to public health. Wang’s research focuses on the coupled impact of climate change and soil arsenic, hoping to determine an accurate projection of its effects on rice yields and quality. Wang employs methods of remote sensing, statistical modelling, and mapping to predict the goals of this research.

Tianmei Wang, Department of Earth System Science

Tianmei Wang

Tianmei Wang is a PhD student in the Department of Earth System Science. She is broadly interested in the plant-soil-microbe interactions and sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on improving yield and mitigating toxins accumulation under a changing climate. Wang’s current research focuses on quantifying the impact of climate change and soil contamination on rice production and aims to find ways to improve crop yield and mitigate arsenic contents in grains. Wang received her BS degree in environmental engineering and science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and her MSc in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford University.

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