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Feb 20 2020 | Posted In: In the News
Manu Prakash is the co-inventor of the Foldscope, a low-cost microscope aimed at making scientific tools available for everyone. We chat with him about why he wants to change how we think about science, and what it'll take to make science something everyone is able to enjoy. To learn more about... Read More
Feb 19 2020 | Posted In: In the News
Using artificial intelligence, a Stanford-led research team has slashed battery testing times – a key barrier to longer-lasting, faster-charging batteries for electric vehicles – by nearly fifteenfold.
Feb 12 2020 | Posted In: Center News
In far reaching corners of the world, especially low- and middle-income countries, how can organizations gather and process information?
Feb 11 2020 | Posted In: In the News
Is violence actually declining? If so, why? And can we build a more peaceful future?
Feb 11 2020 | Posted In: Announcements
This conference on April 18, 2020, aims to give PhD students a chance to present their research and learn about what other students are working on in applied micro topics related to development economics and political economy. 
Feb 10 2020 | Posted In: Center News
A unique interdisciplinary lab convenes at Stanford to collaborate and discuss the rise of global polarization.
Feb 6 2020 | Posted In: In the News
A new study identifies varying pathways of drinking water contamination, suggesting multiple types of public health interventions are needed to protect communities.
Feb 6 2020 | Posted In: Announcements, Center News
The Stanford King Center on Global Development is pleased to announce that Saad Gulzar, Prashant Loyalka, and Soledad Prillaman have been selected to receive funding for new research on topics relevant to international development.
Feb 3 2020 | Posted In: Meet the Researchers
In 2010, Saad Gulzar was tasked with helping to solve a fairly straightforward dilemma: how could government watchdogs stationed in Pakistan’s capital do a better job of overseeing the 2,500 public health clinics serving more than 100 million people in the province of Punjab?
Jan 27 2020 | Posted In: Announcements
One supporter’s belief in uplifting developing communities through scholarly engagement leads to visiting fellows program at the Stanford King Center.