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Publications | Results For: Working Paper
Athey, Susan, Katy Bergstrom, Vitor Hadad, Julian Jamison, Bert Özler, Luca Parisotto, and Julius Sama. “Shared Decision-Making: Can Improved Counseling Increase Willingness to Pay for Modern Contraceptives?”.
Ratledge, Nathan, Gabriel Cadamuro, Brandon de la Cuesta, Matthieu Stigler, and Marshall Burke. “Using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning to Estimate the Livelihood Impact of Electricity Access”.
Buchmann, Nina, Erica Field, Rachel Glennerster, Shahana Nazneen, and Xiao Wang. “A Signal to End Child Marriage: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh”.
Casey, Katherine, Rachel Glennerster, Edward Miguel, and Maarten Voors. “Long Run Effects of Aid: Forecasts and Evidence from Sierra Leone”.
Duflo, Ester, Pascaline Dupas, and Michael Kremer. “The Impact of Free Secondary Education: Experimental Evidence from Ghana”.
Bai, Chong-En, Ruixue Jia, Hongbin Li, and Xin Wang. “Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Talent and Firm Creation in China”.
Anderson, Stephen, Leonardo Iacovone, Shreya Kankanhalli, and Sridhar Narayanan. “Modernizing Retailers in an Emerging Market: Investigating Externally-Focused and Internally-Focused Approaches”.
Ashraf, Nava, Erica Field, Alessandra Voena, and Roberta Ziparo. “Maternal Mortality Risk and Spousal Differences in the Demand for Children”.
Alrababa’h, Ala’, Daniel Masterson, Marine Casalis, Dominik Hangartner, and Jeremy Weinstein. “The Dynamics of Refugee Return: Syrian Refugees and Their Migration Intentions”.
Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús, and Charles Jones. “Macroeconomic Outcomes and COVID-19: A Progress Report”.
Burke, Marshall, Anne Driscoll, David Lobell, and Stefano Ermon. “Using Satellite Imagery to Understand and Promote Sustainable Development”.
Callen, Michael, Saad Gulzar, Syed Hasanain, Muhammad Khan, and Arman Rezaee. “Data and Policy Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan”.
Dupas, Pascaline, Basimenye Nhlema, Zachary Wagner, Aaron Wolf, and Emily Wroe. “Expanding Access to Clean Water for the Rural Poor: Experimental Evidence from Malawi”.
Xu, Chenzi, and He Yang. “National Banks and the Local Economy”.