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Past Recipients of Graduate Student Fellowships from Spring Quarter 2022 - Present

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Graduate student fellowships can provide one to two quarters of support in the form of tuition and a graduate student stipend for students pursuing dissertation research on topics related to global poverty and development. Awards are for the following academic year. 

2021 - 2022 Academic Year

  • Health
    Environment and Climate Change
    Jitka Hiscox, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Evaluating the Relationship Between Water Access, Maternal Well-Being, Caregiving and Child Development 
  • Anna-Katharina von Krauland, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Environment and Climate Change

    Revealing the Onshore and Offshore Potential: Wind Energy Atlas for India and the United States Accounting for Spatial Use Restrictions, Weather Variability, and Wind Speed Thresholds
  • Governments and Institutions
    Jiwon Kim, Department of Political Science
    Social Identification and Political Mobilization of Conflict-stricken Ethnic Minorities
  • Innovations in Methods and Data
    Alexandr Lenk, Department of Economics
    The Role of Promises in Economic Development: A Cross-Regional Field Experiment in Egypt
  • Gender and Equity
    Education and Skills
    Ana Trindade Ribeiro, Graduate School of Education
    Can Gender Gaps in College Placement and Labor Market Outcomes Be Explained by Differences in Test-Taking Behavior?
  • Trade and Migration
    Governments and Institutions
    Pablo Seward Delaporte, Department of Anthropology
    Dwelling in Vulnerability: The Politics of Migrant Life in Chile
  • Governments and Institutions
    Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang, Department of Anthropology
    Refining Politics: Oil Development, Environmental Activism, and Political Improvisation in Rural Malaysia
  • Réka Zempléni, Department of Economics
    Business, Entrepreneurship, and Work

    What Drives Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries, and How Can They be Best Supported? Experimental Evidence from Colombia and India
  • Gender and Equity
    Sally Zhang, Department of Economics
    Asymmetric Information and Hidden Income within the Household in Developing Countries